My Night Job
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It's not just any job - it's YOUR NIGHT JOB.

Black night, an abandoned mansion and a bunch of monsters. Sounds like the perfect job. Players will have to use a variety of weapons to save their skin and master the challenge of leading survivors to safety, while also defending the building from invaders. They can use more than 60 weapons, from vases and floor lamps to chainsaws, shotguns and ginormous hammers. If the monsters thrash too many rooms or the player's health bar runs out, only an entry in the highscore list will remain of you.

Fast-paced, challenging action, hunting for the top spot in the highscore list, and an 80s horror movie setting - tons of fun and bizarre humor!


  • Carefully designed: Never before has an abandoned mansion looked so inviting for explorers. 
  • Old School feel: The way it used to be, but better.
  • Not just decoration: Your Achievements become actual in-game bonuses.
  • Discoveries galore:Find something new around every corner. 
  • Endless horror: : A total of 11 types of monster are waiting to be defeated with more than 60 unique weapons or your bare hands. 
  • Guaranteed adrenaline rush: The longer you play, the harder it will get   


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